Webnovel & Light Novel translation to German

Welcome to Webnovels.de, our new landing Page for german Translations of popular Webnovels and Light Novels. At the Moment we’re working hard in the Background to secure Deals with Content Owners for the publishing Rights of Novels which are not available and will otherwise most likely never be available in Germany as long as nobody starts pushing for it.

We’re looking for:

  • Authors who like to see their Work translated and published
  • Translators and Editors for Chinese / Japanese to German
  • Webnovel Enthusiasts
  • WordPress Expert

But let’s be honest first: Webnovels are no more than a niche market at the moment in german speaking Countries, therefore it’s incredibly hard to find People willed to invest time and money for the development. We won’t get a german Qidian (Chinese Webnovel Site, which also expanded to English) to pop up over night, but expect to get the Show started pretty soon.

To those who’re interested please pre-register now, so we know you’re there and we can inform you when things get in motion. Also feel free to join the Forums to leave your Feedback, make Reccomendations on Things you’d like to see or simply say hello. (some functions may still be in dev/setup)

Happy to have you here,
Ron Li